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Alche was one of the more peculiar and intricate characters of the realm, and a shame that he has vanished. He first came to prominence when he ventured into Golemus, searching for the same thing that Akasha had in the


Aqune was one of the longest lasting veterans, existing actively for upwards of 450 days before finally disappearing. She lasted through the beginning fighting era of the realm and into the magic era. She was the closest associated with the


Valy is the original artist of much of MD’s artwork. He did almost all of the creatures, most of the lands (with the exception of Marind Bell), the realm map, and the scenes of the story mode. Although he never


Khalazdad is one of the truly long-lasting and there is no doubt in anybody’s mind that he deserves a memorial as a testament to his legacy. If you ask anybody that lived during Khalazdad’s reign they will agree that good


Big C was one of the earliest heroes, and it has been argued by a number of people that Big C was and is the most influential person to ever walk the realm. Whether you agree fully with that statement,

Wodin (First Incarnation)

Wodin Ullr is a warrior who was first summoned by the Golemus Wizard. Some suggest that Wodin has been summoned many times before, and is a long-living protector of Golemus. This is likely, although there is no concrete proof. While

Bob the Tree Returns to His Old Self

One day, unannounced, the voice of the realm lingered in the air on the Path of Loneliness, telling all who could read that Bob the Tree had been damaged by Ledah and would not get better without help. Eventually this

Festival of War and Remembrance

Starting as a nice idea by Indyra, the Festival of War and Remembrance was organized by Metal Bunny as a way of remembering the past’s more important moments and people. Written in this article are the stories about the different

Creation of the Gem of Golemus

Theise are pages taken from Yrthilian’s diary on creation of his precious amulet, the Gem of Golemus Right now this is a comfortable spot and I should not get disturbed here. The process may seem simple but the working of


Eden was a quiet character that passed through the Realm of MagicDuel and quietly disappeared. The memories of his existence are now ancient lore. Not known for his loquaciousness, Eden mostly kept to himself. His character was only known to