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Lost Lorerootian Knot

It seems unthinkable for those who’ve just come to our world, but in the old days, Loreroot was the land that was the most “alive.”. Different groups, different thoughts, conflicts, action–Loreroot had the most energy, energy that was misguided for the

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Chewett IX

Chewett IX gained the hereditary title of Chewett two years ago. He inherited it after his predecessor became ill from exposure to too many bugs, who then died of decompiling. Chewett IX was born in Romania, on a rainy day

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Crimson Blade



Drachorn The mountains his nest Leather as hard as horn There he rest Cold reptilian eyes See the world as far as the eye can see View the surroundings from high and from low Hear only the sound of a

Odd Thoughts

Well then… Need to start somewhere and I don’t know where yet, so I will start ranting until I start getting into something good…. Good is relative. A bunch of things are relative. Suppose I will end up talking about

La Historia de Mis Comienzos [ES]

Cuando era aun muy joven y me encontraba vagando por el bosque de Loreloot sin nada que hacer me encontre con un ser muy extraño sentado en las raices del arbol en Stag Crossing (aunque humano parecia tener rasgos animales).

Seekers of Enlightenment: The Foundation

The Seekers of Enlightenment was not an alliance given and asked for members like most. It was an alliance that was formed out of the group that was created around the phenomenon of the Angiens. Here is the history, from


Savelfuser had humble beginnings, started as an average fighter in the time when the great fighters ruled all. One day, or so the story goes, he was confronted by the Ancient Ghost, a spirit with a massive amount of knowledge.


Jonn was most notable the Head of LHOs before Grido, and for his desire to be the most villainous man in the realm. He spent the majority of his time in the Paper Cabin, talking to those that passed by


Phrog was an interesting and slightly bizarre character, and one who often went unnoticed. He was a characteristically cold man, always looking for warmth. When he talked with others, which wasn’t very often, it was when they needed assistance. His